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PVC/PET Shrink tube

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Since establishment we have been a manufacturer of Shrink Film and Shrink Tubing, offering Shrink Bags and Tamper-Evident Neck Band with top quality.Made of durable material, this Shrink Film provides the ideal solution for your requirements.Suitable for all types of food, chemical products, hardware, soap, sport equipment, etc. and in line with the use of automatic and semi-automatic machines to reduce cost. Our tight quality control produce high quality films in its luminosity, transparence, completely hermetic, anti-humidity, and anti-dust to help efficiently improve merchandises’ value.


Manufacturer of Shrink Tubing and Bags

We have PVC and PET shrink tube and are suitable for the packaging such as wires, batteries, bamboo poles, brooms etc. Shrink tube will fit well to products after completely heat shrinking and provide an easy solution for protection to your products.


Thickness(mm) 0.035~0.15 0.035~0.07
Width(mm) 24~860 mm 30~450 mm
Length(M) 500~1000 M/R 500~1000 M/R
Shrinkage TD 50%/MD 10~15% TD 50%/MD 10~20%