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OPS Shrink Sleeves

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The demand of shrink sleeve labels is growing rapidly due to their various advantages and they have been used predominantly for food and beverage product packaging. With 36 years and counting of experiences, Allen Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. possesses professional know-how in shrink packaging materials, such as PVC/PET/PE/POF Shrink Film, PVC/PET/OPS Shrink Sleeve Label and OPP label which meet specific requirements and customer needs. Other than a film maker, we are also a printer. With couple decades of experience, Allen Pack is an expert in rotogravure printing. Up to 9 colors can be supplicate to make the design vivid and rich rendering the product distinctiveness.With variety of shrink sleeve materials and finishing technologies, we offer a wide range of options for effective decoration of various products made from plastic, glass and metal. Our rotogravure printing lines are capable of all kinds of design for printing. One of the benefits of shrink sleeves is water proof. All the design is customized so you could convey your idea about this product through this small shrink sleeve and get people’s attention on it. Can be apply on different types of bottles, cosmetics, toiletries, health and pharmaceuticals, household care products, sport equipment and many other markets.


Manufacturer of Shrink Label and Shrink Sleeves

Our company offers excellent quality Shrink Sleeves, OPS Shrink Label, Shrink Film and OPS Shrink Label in Taiwan.


  • OOPS Shrink Label is good for all types of bottles, cups, trays and containers use. It is good printing quality, and good shrinkage. We offer shrink sleeves in pieces and in rolls.
  • good printing quality
  • good sealing
  • stable shrinkage
  • good for automatic sleeving machine


Lay Flat 20 ~ 400mm
Length 10 ~ 760mm
Shrinkage MD: 0 ~ 5%; TD: 50%