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Shrink Label Re-reeling & Doctoring machine

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This machine is designed for inspecting quality of shrink sleeves reels and re-reeling. The direction of shrink sleeves can be switched easily during operation and maintain stable tension. It’s efficient for inspecting printing sleeves, surface or seaming quality. And it’s necessary prior to an automatic label sleeving machine. It provides outstanding performance.


  • Cantilevered unwind five-claw coreless shaft for fast roll changeover.
  • Equipped with magnetic powder brake for unwind tension control.
  • Main drive DC motor provides variable speeds to accommodate a variety of materials.
  • Equipped with observed board for visual checking.
  • The rewinding is controlled by DC motor and Auto tension controller ensures the stable winding tension.


Tube Width 50 – 250mm
Unwind Inner Dia. 300mm Five-claw coreless (Or 3"6" 8" 10" on request)
Rewind Diameter 600 mm (Max.)
Rewind Core Inner Dia. 76 / 3" (Or 6" 8" 10" on request)
Mechanical Speed 0 – 200 m/Min.