High Speed Cutting Machine,Packaging machinery

High Speed Cutting Machine

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This machine is designed for cutting operations for shrink labels (shrink sleeves), paper and plastic sheets. Also for electronics, optical materials, plastic film roll and foil roll cutting operations.


  • Equipped with a German made photocell sensor for accurate detection and upgrading the production speed.
  • Unwind shaft is suited for five-claw coreless and 3" paper core.
  • Micro Computer Control System has Auto counting function, Auto-stop function for photocell ineffective.
  • Optional continuous perforation device.


Sleeve Width 30 - 200 mm
Material Diameter 700 mm (max.)
Unwind Inner Diameter 76 / 3" or 300 mm or five-claw core less
Sleeve Cutting Length 10 - 400 mm
Mechanical Speed 30 - 350 pcs/min.
Feeding Speed 35 M/min. (Max.)