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Labeling Machine

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The labeling machine can automatically detect bottles and labels. Transparent labels can also be detected via extra electric eye (transparent label sensor).Applicable products: glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal containers, yogurt containers, cleaners bottle, lotion bottle, beauty care products, cosmetics, medicines, food, beverage bottles and cans.


  • Labels can be changed by one person easily.
  • The containers can be separated into fixed space by timing screw.
  • Labeling height and angle can be adjusted.
  • Controlled by Microprocessor system with LED screen.
  • All are made of stainless steel and high-quality aluminum alloy.


Velocity 30-50 pcs/ Min(Depends on the label size and products)
Label size Width : 10mm - 100mm/Length: 20mm – 300mm
Range of container Outside diameter around Ø 16mm - 90 mm/Height : 30mm – 160mm
Max. outside diameter of label Ø 300 mm
Inside diameter of paper core Ø 75 mm
Voltage 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
Machine size (L) 1700mm (W) 900mm (H) 1200mm