shrink film, shrink sleeve

Since 1980, Allen Plastic has been in the business of packaging materials and machinery, which makes us the longest established company in this field.

Although we've been around a long time, our factory uses the latest technology.

Our continuing investments in equipment and personnel ensure the very highest quality of products and service.

Automatic packaging machinery

Allen Plastic Industries owned for various packaging machinery, as well as export of plastic film or metal foil.

Packaging materials manufacturing

We provide high quality heat Shrink film,Shrink sleeve,Shrink label,PVC/PET/POF/PE Shrink film etc.

Printing and sales

Our PVC and PET shrink films can be used to print shrink labels with good printing quality.

The products are outstanding, high quality, zero defect level! Products are exported to the United States, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

shrink film
shrink sleeve
shrink label
sleeve machine
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