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Established in 1980, Allen Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and exporting shrink packaging materials, such as PVC / PET / POF / PE Shrink films, PVC / PETG shrink tubing, and shrink labels, and high speed Sleeving machine (shrink label inserting machine).

Allen Plastic’s Shrink films are suitable for outer product packaging, multi unit packaging, and complete sealing to add product commercial value. Shrink tubing which can be made in any colors based on customer need is used for bottle seals, electronic parts, and batteries. Shrink labels are suitable for colors printing and to replace adhesive labels. It is a new trend to use shrink labels to pack any lively containers in this competitive market all around the world.

Allen Plastic’s automatic sleeving machine is a stable, durable, speedy, and easy to operate equipment. To beverage production line, a stable and suitable equipment is very important. Any trouble in the sleeving process will cause the production line to stop, which influence the effectiveness of total production. Allen Plastic’s sleeving machine is the best choice for you, because we guarantee good performance, stability, and speed. It has become a popular and preferred sleeving machine in Taiwanese and shares 80% of the Taiwanese market.

We keep improving our capacity and product's quality. And “to make friends, not just business with our customers” is what we believe. This is why Allen Plastic offers a good service to their customers. If you need good quality packaging materials and machinery, you should try to contact Allen Plastic.

Automatic Packaging Machinery

ECO Sleever、Vertical Automatic Shrink Sleeving Machine、Horizontal Automatic Shrink Sleeving Machine、Electrical Shrink Tunnel、Steam Shrink Tunnel、Labeling Machine、High Speed Cutting Machine、Re-reeling & Doctoring Machine、Glue & Sealing Machine、Slitting Machine。

Packaging Material

PVC Shrink Film、PET Shrink Film、POF Shrink Film、PE Shrink Film、PVC Shrink Sleeve/Label、PET Shrink Sleeve/Label、OPS Shrink Sleeve/Label、PET Foil Shrink Sleeve、PVC/PET Shrink Band、PVC/PET Shrink Bags(Dome or Straight)、PVC/PET Shrink Tubing、PVC Soft Film、PVC Rigid Film、Poly Bag。

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